About Harbourfront

Can I interest you in a run on the boardwalk? Sail? Ferry ride to Toronto islands? Picnic by the water? Pints with friends? Romantic dinner date by the lake? Visit to the tall ships? Trail walking? Bike ride? Gallery expedition? Local theatre? Antiquing?

Although living in Toronto’s Harbourfront area generally means that you’re living in a condo or apartment. These modern dwellings just so happen to have lakeside views and boardwalk access. Residents are granted a lifestyle that is culturally-rich – fulfilled by local artisans, galleries, vendors, restaurants, pubs, amenities, and tight-knit boating community.There is rarely a shortage of things to do.

Toronto’s Harbourfront was, after all, built with tourism and trade top-of-mind. The sparkling blue waters that hug the southern points of the area offer amazing views from the ground or on the balcony. Staring out at Lake Ontario it’s hard to see where it begins and where it ends. A Great Lake - it’s vastness leaves a lasting impression on visitors and locals alike. Lakeside activities reign as emblems of the area’s uniqueness but are not the only thing that the area has to offer. Residents of the Harbourfront area have everything just outside their front door as well as quick access to Toronto’s downtown core and major highways – how’s that for ‘the best of both worlds’?!

Your Typical Neighbour

This is a neighbourhood in flux. Old (often retired) money meets new, young urban professional. People who want to live close to lakeside jogging routes. Plus a plethora of boat owners that you really ought to make friends with!

What We Love

Some of the city’s best in arts, culture, design and international festival flavour are right outside your door. And the shortest walk possible to the lakefront brings solid bragging rights.


There are a number of schools nearby, and all of the options will offer fine examples of the multiculturalism that is synonymous with living in Toronto.

Elementary Schools:

The Waterfront School
Island Public / Natural Science School


Regular and express bus service, as well as streetcars connect to Union station and a wealth of other transit options located there. Close access to Lakeshore and the Gardiner Expressway that is admittedly quicker in the colder months.

The Real Estate Scoop

Toronto’s Harbourfront lays claim to the largest concentration of luxury condominiums in the city, many of which were built in the 1980’s. They boast sprawling floor plans, extensive amenities and also some of the most spectacular views of the waterfront and city skyline that exist in the city.

Houses are not exactly common in this area; in fact, they are virtually non-existent. Density is what this neighbourhood is all about. A drive along Queens Quay looking north shows a healthy blend of the buildings that have appeared in the last decade, alongside a wealth of older existing condos. The newer builds are expanding the demographics in the neighbourhood as they offer smaller, more reasonably priced units to the younger buyer, while the older suites are larger with healthy price tags. Note that these 80’s-built luxury buildings often come with healthy condo fees as well. Make no mistake, these towers have been around for a while and the fees reflect their age. If you’re considering a purchase in any of the older buildings around Harbourfront, it’s especially important to explore status certificates and inquire about any looming special assessments that may be on the horizon.

This neighbourhood is going to continue to develop over time. Change have been constant over the last decade, and will continue as the city navigates its way through the long-standing Port Lands debate. That said, if you don’t mind the heavy recreation-inspired traffic in the summertime, there is nowhere else in the city where waterside living can leave you feeling like you’re in an Oceanside resort town!

If you are considering moving to Harbourfront and would like more information or perhaps would like to see a few suites in the area, please get in touch with me and I would be pleased to assist you!

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