About Bay Street Corridor

The Bay Street Corridor is a flurry of commerce and ambition. Looking out of your 49th floor penthouse, for example, it wouldn’t be uncommon to stare at a major banking tower, or see people working at their desks, very far away, while you eat your scrambled eggs. Sipping on your coffee, you would stare out at this ‘concrete jungle’ and marvel at it – seemingly suspended, quietly, high above the clouds.

Views in the Bay Street Corridor offer: slate grey, glass, yellow, vehicles, and blinking lights. But, when these elements meet wide-open blue skies, and sleek architecture, residents are left with awe-inspiring views that could leave anyone, ironically, feeling at peace.

Yes, it is one of our city’s most densely populated and busy areas but it’s not without reason. There’s a simplicity to immersing yourself into ‘condo life’ that’s situated smack-dab in the middle of the ‘hustle’.

People in the banking, apparel, real estate, hospitality, government, or technology, industries can easily walk to work. Those with long commutes have swift access to the Gardiner expressway. And, with newer condo buildings that offer: convenience, thoughtful layouts, modern luxury finishings, and world-class amenities, residents don’t have to leave home (or go far) for just about anything you could think of.

Living in this pocket of the city it’s not hard to understand what Jay Z meant when he said “The City is Mine”. When you have everything at your fingertips, the possibilities are truly endless. This is a lifestyle for people who like the hustle and want to be constantly moving forward. It’s a place where having your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground feels possible. And although it’s not cheap – if a glamourous lifestyle is your main motivator – it’s absolutely worth it.

Your Typical Neighbour 

Bankers, stockbrokers, students, professors, doctors, lawyers, and consultants who are career-focused, and where children are more likely the exception than the rule.

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What I Love

Demand for a short commute paired with busy lifestyle means the basics of life are all pretty convenient here. And some of the newer condo towers are visually stunning.


There are very few schools that fall within the borders of this neighbourhood. There are options close by, but given the true nature of the career-focused and less family-oriented population, this may not come as a surprise.


Streetcars on Queen, Dundas and College offer quick access to the city, and the subway is always within walking distance. Daily necessities are all achievable on foot. Drivers can get to the highway quickly most hours of the day via University Ave, but nowhere else in the city will your deeded parking spot cost you more!

The Real Estate Scoop

The Bay Street corridor is all business: north of 65% of the people living in this neighbourhood fall between the working ages of 25 to 64. This is well above the Toronto average and sheds some light on the pace of life that exists here. A second boom in construction here began in the 90’s which saw some of Toronto’s most luxurious buildings built in the last 10 years, complete with plenty of glass, glitz and bragging rights. The controversial Trump Tower, one of the tallest in the country, mixes luxury hotel and couture condo living along with some of the most extensive private amenities (and most significant price tags) in the city. Valet parking is mandatory.

The side streets that run off of Bay also hold some residential offerings although they are shockingly well camouflaged by a sea of office towers. Some of the rather large ‘houses’ on these streets between Bay and Yonge have been consumed by demand and converted to commercial and retail spaces though occasionally offer character suites to renters willing to consider life above a storefront.

Life in the corridor leaves you in the centre of everything, although this is not an area you come to for dining or entertainment unless you’ve just left work 30 floors above or are entertaining clients on an expense account. The location does come with benefits, although generally peace and quiet not one of them!

If you are considering moving to the Bay Street Corridor and would like more information or perhaps would like to see a few suites in the area, please get in touch with me and I would be pleased to assist you!

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